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Confined Space Rescue Standby – Does your facility enter Permit Required Confined Spaces? All Hazards Rescue has a team of trained Confined Space Rescue Technicians available to be your Entry Rescue Team during confined space operations. Using AHRescue’s Confined Space Team, means you
Confined Space Rescue have piece of mind that your employees will be kept safe, and that you are in conformance with OSHA 1910.146 and the ability to provide rescue for any entrants either from Non  Entry Rescue or Entry Rescue techniques. Our teams are fully operational in IDLH environments and have all of the appropriate gear to safely effect a Rescue from your  companies confined spaces. Not only does All Hazards Rescue cover the Portland Metro Area in Oregon, we are available to respond anywhere in the Northwest as we are fully self sufficient in all aspects of rescue. If your confined spaces have elevated openings, no worries our teams consist of Rope Rescue Technicians as well to cover high angle rope rescue and fall protection emergencies. Contact us today for a customized quote to meet your needs.
  Water Rescue Standby– All Hazards Rescue is proud to offer Water Rescue Standby Services, with teams trained to the Swift Water Rescue Technician Level. AHRescue will  send a well  trained and equipped team to cover your employees while working over water or  the participants at any event. Our team comes with all necessary Personal Protective Eequipment, NFPA technician  level  Rescuers, and one state of the art Rescue Craft. We have the ability to perform both shore based and water based rescues. AHRescue’s Water Rescue Standby team will  ensure your company meets the standards for OSHA 1926.106 for having life saving capabilities at your job site. For our event side accidents can happen at any event, we have  personnel to protect your participants that are always ready to respond when we are needed. Contact us today for a customized quote to meet your needs.
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