Strategic Tactical Operator / Rappel Master (STORM)
This two day course takes your tactical skills to new heights. All Hazards Rescue takes a hand on approach with tactical officers and teams to teach you how to deploy your resources at height and inside of confined spaces. This course will cover deploying operators on rope for tasks such as entry, breaching, and hostage rescue, with an emphasis on self rescue and safety. We will cover deploying cover officers on fall restraint so you can safely deploy ropes without anyone being in the line of fire. We will also spend 8 hours covering the basics of confined spaces, the hazards, and specific dangers that are associated with these space. We will also cover rapid extrication from tight spaces. If you department so chooses we can deploy simunition rounds during training at our training facility.
All Hazards Rescue
Tactical gear, rappelling harness
2 Day Course