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About All Hazards Rescue
All Hazards Rescue (AHR) is a preferred training provider for Rescue 3 International in the Pacific Northwest. All Hazards Rescue was formed late in 2011 to provide a hands on, practical training venue for students to attend. AHR believes that students learn more, and retain the skills taught by being on the drill ground with the equipment in their hands. We believe that the classroom material that we present directly effects each skill we teach in the field, and we present the pertinent information that will keep you and your team safe, not take your time to present information that when you walk out of the classroom becomes useless and lost. AHR specializes in Rope and Confined Space Rescue, as well as the Tactical Operator class known to us as STORM. We also provide Water and Tower Rescue courses through our Instructor Cadre. If you have taken a Rescue 3 class before, you know that we will present you with the information you need today and the skills that you can start using tomorrow. All Hazards Rescue has also expanded into providing both Confined Space and Water Rescue Standby teams. Our confined space program was developed to ensure our customers exceed OSHA CFR 1910.146 for providing Rescue Services capable of providing entry rescue during confined space operations in Permit Required Confined Spaces. Our teams deploy to your site with all of the equipment needed to perform a rescue in any type of confined space. We train all of our team members to the NFPA Confined Space and Rope Rescue Technician Level, to ensure that nothing stands between us and your employees during a rescue. The water rescue side provides all necessary resources to exceed OSHA CFR 1926.106 for providing a life saving skiff with the capabilities to provide medical attention within 3 minuets of a victim entering the water. Our water rescue teams are comprised of a minimum 1 NFPA Swift Water Rescue Technician and 1 Rescue Boat Operator. All Hazards Rescue is committed to Safety, providing highly trained teams that believe in our motto “everyone goes home just as they came in”.
“Ready to go, When you say so!”
“Practical Training Today, That You Can Use Tomorrow!”  
Instructor Biography
Robert Davis
Rob has been involved with multiple disciplines of technical rescue since 2002 from Vehicle and machinery extrication to Technical Rope Rescue. Rob is an EMT, former Firefighter and Supervised a Technical Rescue Team at an Industrial Facility in Oregon specializing in high angle and confined space rescue. Rob also has experience in Search & Rescue as an Oregon State Sheriffs Association (O.S.S.A.) Ground team searcher, O.S.S.A. certified K9 Handler, and experience with Managing Land Search Operations. Rob brings practical knowledge and experience both to the classroom, drill grounds, and our customer sites for standby rescue services.